Towards 2014…

Did you know that IPS will organise a major international conference on Peat and Technology next August? This will take place in Riga, Latvia and of course all IPS members are warmly invited. We would like to show you how peatlands are identified, measured, utilised and restored after peat production has finished, and especially we would like to present all new technologies that are around, from airborne systems via software to mobile applications. You and your suppliers are at the key point of this symposium – send in your proposal for a presentation as soon as we have the Call for Papers out. In the meantime you can bookmark to stay updated on developments.

In early December 2013 members of the IPS Executive Board met with some of its industrial members in Brussels to discuss future co-operation, their involvement in the activities of the IPS, and the operation of the IPS. The IPS is not a lobbying organisation, but one which seeks to serve all its members by bringing different parties together to exchange scientific and practical knowledge, bridge opinions and share information with all who are interested in or directly dealing with peat and peatlands.

We sincerely hope you can join us in these efforts, also by bringing your co-workers with you under the roof of the IPS. Up to six employees of a research institute or corporate member can be listed in our member database – or you just join as an individual member for a smaller annual fee. If you are an IPS member but not yet receiving Peatlands International and Peat News from the IPS Secretariat, please send your email address as soon as possible to

We are also glad that the new electronic version of Peatlands International was well received by the IPS membership. During the next few weeks we will further evaluate the quality, frequency and visitor numbers of the three different formats and adjust our publication accordingly.

Last but not least we have published around 400 papers and posters that were presented at the 13th International Peat Congress at Stockholm in June 2012. These are available at the IPS document bank for all members to search and read. Login at and discover how much is of interest to you and your work.

We wish you happy holidays with your family and friends and success for 2014.

With kind regards on behalf of the Executive Board

Susann Warnecke
IPS Acting Secretary General


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